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DAL… staple food in most South Asian countries and an indispensable part of Indian cuisine. There are over 50 varieties of pulses known in India. Here I am presenting just 5 Dal Recipes, 10% of the lot. (Out of which too, 3 recipes come from same dal). Never mind! There are many many more to come.

The standard way of cooking dal is by boiling it and thereafter tempering it. But if it was all that simple why would you be reading further? You are reading further because you know dal has more to it. Here I share 5 main course recipes of dal. Each one has it has own different way of preparation and needless to mention that each one has its unique taste and distinct flavours.

Collection of 5 Dal Recipes

1. Dal Bukhara

This one shall top my daughter’s list. She loves dal makhani (which is mentioned below), but this one beats every dal makhani. It is super creamy, super rich, super tasty and super sinful (haha). The best part about Dal Recipes is that it is an independent recipe. It doesn’t even call for any tempering. Yet it is absolutely flavourful and delicious. I always tried this recipe from where this dal originated and ever since I learned about this dal and I obtained a time to try this dal in my recent trip to India.


An absolutely rich dal ready without mch efforts – DAL BUKHARA

2. Dhaba Style Dal Fry

This one has to top my list. I love dal fry. It is such a simple thing yet so delectable. A simple dal fry is enough to please me, and the dhaba style does more than just pleasing me. A special dhungar technique is used to add the dhaba flavour to an already scrumptious dal fry. We affection of food that they serve at a dhaba style for its simplicity and finger warming taste. This Dhaba Style Dal Fry Recipe is one of my sweetheart recipes for lentils.


A simple dal preparation made special with a unique technique – DAL FRY (DHABA STYLE)

3. Low Cal Dal Makhani

I totally believe no one should restrict himself/herself from relishing the very tasty dal makhani. Okay you believe it too rich and is over loaded with calories, try out this recipe. Yes a dal makhani WITHOUT cream. Not even a drop of it. But the rich and taste is totally intact. Check out how!?


A recipe for dal makhani which is low on calories but high on taste – DAL MAKHANI (LOW CAL)

4. Whole Masoor Dal

Here comes the underdog of this category. Prepared using whole red lentil (sabut masoor dal), when served with steamed rice, can beat any other dal mentioned above and under. Being a whole dal it is high on dietary fiber and certainly very nutritive.


A not so popular yet so delicous dal – WHOLE MASOOR DAL

5. Dal Makhani

Dal is a staple food in India and it won’t be wrong if I say dal makhani is a staple food at my place. Since it is so much relished by my daughter I love to make it often and every time I try using a new recipe to prepare it. After all her favorites should remain her favorites and not become monotonous. This is the classic recipe for dal makhani. I have so many of dal makhani recipes that soon I’ll have a post of 10 dal makhani recipes or so :).


A buttery and creamy lentil preparation – DAL MAKHANI

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Dal Recipes (दाल रेसिपी)

You will love it very much. After frying the spices well, add mung dal and salt to it and fry for 1 minute. Now put 2 cups of water in it. Mix all the ingredients well, close the cooker. After this, turn off the gas and remove half the pressure from the cooker and open it after the remaining pressure is for over.

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