Tandoori Roti

Tandoori Roti | How to make Tandoori Roti on Tawa

Tandoori Roti on Tawa without oven recipe with step by step pictures

What is Tandoori Roti?

A  flat bread made using whole wheat flour, which is cushiony as well as crisp and goes well with many Indian gravies and a sure hit with dals, is tandoori roti. Traditionally and conventionally it is prepared in a tandoor i.e. a clay oven. But with the changing technology, such stuff is disappearing from the kitchens. However to ensure that tandoori rotis do not disappear from our plates here is a recipe, rather a technique using which you will be able to make tandoori roti at home without a tandoor. The best part about this roti is that you do not need any special dough or ingredients for it. While making chapatis if you feel it is too monotonous, take a break and make this easy and simple tandoori roti on tawa.

Let’s talk about the ingredients for Tandoori Roti

This tandoori recipe is not about the ingredients, it is about the technique. The regular chapati dough is to be used. Make sure it is soft. You might also add a little salt in it while kneading, if you don’t generally, for tandoori roti. A non-stick pan or skillet or griddle is a big no-no! Use a heavy bottom iron tawa for the best results.

Another interesting roti recipe is the missi roti. It is a healthier chapati. View the recipe here.  A bread that I often make without any extra or special efforts is the Masala Paratha. It really peps up the entire menu. View the recipe here.

Tandoori Roti on Tawa

Preparation time 20 minutes
Cooking time 10 minutes
Total time 30 minutes
Serves/Makes 8-10 rotis

Ingredients for Tandoori Roti

  • Chapati dough using 2 cups flour
  • Whole wheat flour for dusting
  • ½ cup chopped coriander leaves
  • Butter or ghee for greasing

How to make Tandoori Roti on Tawa

  1. Take a portion of chapati dough. Use 1 & ½ times of the regular chapati dough. Shape them into a ball. Flatten slightly.tandoori roti on tawa
  2. Hold the dough ball from the bottom and dip the top in a bowl filled with water.tandoori roti on tawa
  3. Thereafter press it against the chopped leaves of coriander. Basically, we are trying to incorporate chopped coriander leaves.tandoori roti on tawa
  4. Dust with some flour. Press lightly.tandoori roti on tawa
  5. Roll into a thick chapati. Meanwhile, heat a thick skillet.tandoori roti on tawa
  6. Flip in and apply water on the other side.tandoori roti on tawa
  7. Put it on HOT skillet.tandoori roti on tawa
  8. Press to ensure it sticks well and the bubbles are also suppressed. Cook for a minute.tandoori roti on tawa
  9. Flip the skillet and cook on the direct flame.tandoori roti on tawa
  10. Cook till nice brown spots appear.tandoori roti on tawa
  11. Remove from the skillet, grease with little oil or butter. You can slightly crush the sides.
  12. Serve hot. Bon appétit!tandoori roti on tawa


  • Meal Idea: Serve Tandoori roti with low cal dal makhani and cucumber tomato salad.
  • You can flavor tandoori roti with some dried fenugreek leaves, chopped onions, green chilies etc.
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