What is Fasting?

Fasting is an integral part of many religions. In Hinduism too, the fasting practice exists. Fasting basically means to avoid certain elements in the food. However, the range of strictness can go up to not eating any food. The level of restrictions depends upon the occasion for which fast is being observed, the community and many other factors. At times fasting includes replacing the regular food with some restricted food and at other times it includes having no meals/liquids at all.

What to eat during fasts?

Again, the answer to this varies and depends upon various factors. Generally not generally, for sure onion and garlic is totally avoided. The regular flour is not used rather kuttu ka aata, singhare ka aata, rajgira aata etc are used. Likewise, restricted vegetables such as potatoes (the star ingredient during fasts), lauki, shakarkandi, arbi etc are used. Furthermore, there are restrictions on the spices, herbs to be used.

Fasting Recipes

A very popular saying goes like this “bhookhe pet bhajan na hoye Gopala”. Fasts are observed for spiritual attainment, but you can’t achieve anything if you starve. There are constraints during fasts, but we can work them out.

Disclaimer: Each community observes a different set of fasting rules. Modify/adjust the following recipes according.

Sabudana Khichadi

One of the most popular fasting recipes is that of sabudana khichadi. Reason being, it is prepared in less oil, an exception to the other fasting recipe which often includes deep-frying etc. 

View the recipe here.

sabudana khichadiFasting Desserts

Sweets or desserts are important during fasts because it is offered to Goddess and also gives energy to the fasting people. Here is a collection of dessert sweets recipes which include under 10 minutes desserts, some deserted (forgotten) desserts which are absolutely divine.

View the recipes here.

Petha Pudding

Vrat ke aloo

I wait for Navratri because I love to relish vrat ke aloo. No red chili, turmeric or tomatoes are used to prepare the gravy for vrat ke aloo, still, it is absolutely exquisite.

View the recipe here.


Fasting Chutneys

No meals can be complete without chutneys. Here is a collection of fasting chutneys to pep up any of your fasting meal.

View the recipes here.


Sabudana Thalipeeth

Lots of recipes can be prepared with sabudana. Recently I tried making sabudana thalipeeth, it was a good break from commonly made dishes. It gets a good crunch with little oil. Sabudana thalipeeth is the farali version of the popular Maharashtrian dish, thalipeeth.

View the recipe here.

Sabudana Thalipeeth RecipeSabudana ki Tikki

Cutlets made using sago along with boiled potatoes, peanuts, and other ingredients. It is a healthy fasting recipe as sabudana tikki is fried in very little oil still, is absolutely crispy and delicious.

View the recipe here.


Kuttu ki Poori

There can be no better companion for vrat ke aloo. It should be eaten with kuttu ki poori. Kuttu ka aata is buckwheat flour. It is gluten-free. Kuttu ki poori is a very popular fasting recipe.

View the recipe here.


Sabudana Vada

Another very popular fasting recipe is sabudana vada. Sabudana vada is such an appetizing recipe that even in non-fasting days it is made for breakfast or snacking.

View the recipe here.


Kuttu ke Pakode (non-fried)

During fasts, most of the recipes are the deep fried ones. Kuttu ke pakore recipe is also a deep-fried fasting recipe but the recipe here calls for just 2 tsp of oil.

View the recipe here.


Arbi Fry (farali side dish)

At times we feel like taking a break from the potato recipes during fasts. Colocasia is also consumed during fast and this is an under 15 minutes recipe.

View the recipe here.


Tandoori Aloo (farali side dish)

Yes… farali tandoori aloo. They exist! And you won’t believe how simple the recipe is. Believe me, you will continue to use this recipe to make the regular tandoori aloo too.

View the recipe here.


Vrat ke Sookhe Aloo

So appetizing, tangy and spicy potato recipe, when combined with some chilled yogurt and serve with fried potato chips, makes a simple yet soulful fasting meal.

View the recipe here.


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