lemon tea recipe

Lemon Tea Recipe | How to make Lemon Tea?

How to Make Lemon Tea Recipe

A cup of tea with the deep and soothing flavor of lemon is lemon tea.  Lemon tea is an absolutely rejuvenating beverage. As such tea, in any form, is revitalizing. The best part about lemon tea is that it is healthy. It is totally lemony because of the lemon juice, lemon zest and the lemon slice that goes into it. There are several benefits of lemon tea. I love to have lemon tea because I like the break from my regular milky tea. Lemon tea recipe is very simple and easy. Just a few things should be kept in mind and you will have a cup of perfect lemon tea. In this post, you will find lemon tea recipe with step by step pictures and video showing how to make lemon tea.

Lemon Tea Ingredients:

Lemons: Lemon and not lime are used to make lemon tea. Make sure to pick yellow and juicy lemons. Even the zest of lemon is added. To get the zest, grate the lemon’s skin. Only and only yellow part of it should be used. The white part is bitter and should not be used.

Teabags: I have used green tea to make lemon tea. You can use regular tea bags. I prefer green as the flavor is not too strong and the lemony flavor captures the beverage. Which so ever tea bags you use, make sure to steep it for proper time. If you steep it too long, the tea would be bitter and won’t taste good.

Sweetener: Nothing for me. Yeah, I do not add sweetener in my lemon tea. You can add sugar or honey as per taste.

Benefits of lemon tea:

  1. Boosts immune system

Lemon tea is very helpful in curing a cold and cough. It gives relief from sore throat. If suffering from cold and cough, little ginger too can be added for extra goodness.

  1. Works as detoxifier

The toxins present in our body lead to infections and diseases. Lemon detoxifies the body, by removing the toxins. Detoxification energizes the body and refreshes the mind.

  1. Helps in digestion

Lemon tea has a very soothing effect. Its detoxifying properties also contribute to maintaining the gut health.

  1. Rich in Vitamin C

Lemon tea is a wonderful source of Vitamin C. It is great for the skin. Also since vitamin C is very helpful in the absorption of iron, lemon tea also helps in the absorption of nonheme iron.

  1. Lemon with green tea makes a great combination

Lemon helps in the absorption of antioxidants of the green tea.

Possible Variations of Lemon Tea:

  1. Lemon Green Tea: Use green tea instead of regular tea powder to make lemon tea and you have your lemon green tea. I have used green tea in this recipe.
  2. Ginger Lemon Tea: Just add in ½ an inch of the ginger root while making lemon tea, to make ginger lemon tea.
  3. Spiced Lemon Tea: You can add in black salt and other spices like cinnamon, cloves, etc for the spiced lemon tea.
  4. Mint Lemon Tea: Very simple. Just add in a handful of fresh mint leaves to make mint lemon tea.

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How to serve lemon tea?

Serve it hot after a long and tiring day.

Lemon Tea Recipe

1.This recipe makes 1 cup of lemon tea.

lemon tea recipe

2.Pour hot water in a cup.

lemon tea recipe

3.Squeeze in ½ a lemon.

lemon tea recipe

4.Add in a pinch of lemon zest.

lemon tea recipe

5.Put in 1 tea bag.

lemon tea recipe

6.Let it steep for 3-5 minutes. Longer steep gives stronger tea but do not over-do it.

lemon tea recipe

7.Add in a slice of lemon.

Tips:You can discard the tea bag before serving the tea.

lemon tea recipe

8.Serve hot.

lemon tea recipe

9.Bon appetite.

lemon tea recipe

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