how to make bhang

How to make bhang | Bhang Thandai

What is Bhang?

The buds and leaves of cannabis are ground into a paste which is called bhang. Bhang is the traditional drink of the Indian sub-continent. It is believed that Lord Shiva drank bhang to increase his magical powers. He came down from Kush mountain range to gift bhang to humans. Bhang is used in different food and beverages. Bhang recipe can be used to make bhang thandai, bhang lassi, bhang pakode, bhangeera chutney, etc. Although the sale of cannabis is illegal in the country, bhang is available at the government-sanctioned stores in India. In the post, you can find how to make bhang along with step by step to make bhang

How to make Bhang?

Flowers and leaves of female cannabis or marijuana plant are crushed in mortar and pestle to make bhang paste. The bhang paste can be combined with milk and other flavoring ingredients to make bhang thandai. Or the same can be mixed in pakora batter to make bhang pakode. In this post, you will find the recipe for bhang thandai. Bhang thandai is an easy bhang recipe.

Bhang Thandai

Of the many ways of how to make bhang, in this post you will find the recipe for bhang thandai. To make bhang thandai, thandai powder has been used. Instead, fresh thandai can also be used to make bhang thandai.

Ingredients for Bhang Thandai

Milk: Regular cold milk has been used for bhang thandai.

Thandai Powder: Thandai powder has been used. You can also use thandai to make bhang

Bhang: I have used bhang paste for bhang thandai. You can use the cannabis leaves to make the paste.

Health Benefits of Bhang:

Bhang is used in Ayurveda for digestive troubles, headache, and migraines, as well as for all types of pain and as a fever treatment. The health benefits of bhang are now being accepted by Modern science too.

How much is too much?

Bhang can be powerful. If consuming it for the first time, be careful. Bhang takes 2-3 hours to get absorbed to the show its effects. You might end up completely wasted by the over-dose of bhang.

Recipes similar to bhang recipe

Bhang is offered at the Holi festival. You might also like other holi recipes such as gujiya, thandai etc.

How to serve bhang?

This holi, make bhang thandai and serve it to your guests with some gujiya.

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How to make Bhang?

1.This recipe makes 4 glasses of bhang thandai.

how to make bhang

2.In a grinding jar add 1 tbsp almonds (badaam), 1 tbsp pistachios (pista), ½ tbsp cashew nuts (kaju), ½ tbsp melon seeds (magaj), ½ tbsp poppy seeds (khas khas), 10-12 white peppercorns (sabut safed mirch), ½ tbsp green cardamoms (choti elaichi). Grind to make a powder. Sieve it. Thandai powder is ready.

how to make bhang

3.In a mixing jar add 4 cups of milk. Add 4 tbsp of thandai powder.

how to make bhang

4.Add in 1 tbsp of bhang paste.

how to make bhang

5.Mix well by dropping from one jar to another.

how to make bhang


how to make bhang

7.Bon appetite!

how to make bhang

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