vegeterian starters recipes

vegeterian starters recipes

It is very important to give a good start to parties with some lip-smacking starters. Apart from that, it is important that the menu is such that their preparations can be done in advance. After all, the starters and lot of other food have to be cooked. Here is a collection of Vegetarian Starters Recipes that are very appealing and easy to cook. Do try them when you host next party. And believe me, you don’t need to host a party to prepare these dishes, just pamper your family on some weekend with one or more of these dishes.

1. Soya Kofta Recipe | How to Make Soya Keema Kofta

What is Span Soya Kofta? Soya Kofta is hot and spicy ball made up of soya chunks which have awesome flavors of ginger, garlic, onions, coriander, and green chilies and garam masala. They are basically (without any offense) vegetarian meatballs. They are very flavorful and spicy and make an...

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2. Potli Samosa Recipe | How to Make Samosa | Veg Samosa

What is potli samosa? Samosa is a very popular deep fried snack. It is made up of all purpose flour sheets which is stuffed with delicious potato mixture and then fried. In India potli is referred to bag which has a unique shape and style of its own. When the samosas are shaped as potlis, ...

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3. Cheesy Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe | Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe – Vini’s

Cheesy Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe Cheesy stuffed mushroom is a delightful appetizer, very simple to make and loved by the ones who may not be fond of mushrooms. Button mushrooms are hollowed to fill in a paneer mixture thereafter coated with a cheesy mix and baked to prepare...

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4. Veg Pizza Puff Recipe | McDonald’s Style Veg. Pizza Puff | Snacks Recipe

Veg Pizza Puff Recipeis a snack consisting of pastry sheet stuffed with a filling consisting of vegetables, cheese and sauce. Typically veg. pizza puffs are deep fried but here we will be baking them for a healthier version. These puffs are inspired by McPuffs available at McDonald...

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5. Healthy Veggie Shots Recipe | How to make Healthy Veggie shots

Let’s talk Veggie Shots Recipe Assorted vegetables and paneer coated with a tangy green marinade of coriander and mint grilled to make an easy and awesome of the most liked party starter recipe....

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healthy veggie shots

6. Mini Idli Pakora | Kids Tiffin Recipes | Lunch Box Recipes

What is Mini Idli Pakora? Idli pakora is totally different pakora from the regular pakoras that we eat. It has an altogether different stuffing of idlis, mini idli!! The coating is not of gram flour but of lentils! That’s not it. These pakoras are non-deep fried. In fact, they have been ...

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7. Cheese Garlic Bread Recipe | Garlic Cheese Toast Recipe on Tawa

I have used pizza cheese as it melts so easily that it is my favourite choice for Cheese Garlic Bread Recipe. As regards the bread… this basic garlic cheese bread recipe also goes well with brown or multigrain bread. Further you can also add some herbs such as basil or cilantro as per choice...

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8. Tandoori Chutney | Restaurant Style Green Chutney

What is Tandoori chutney? Tandoori chutney is a dip that is made using coriander leaves, mint leaves, lemon etc. It has a typical flavor and a different and bright green color. Tandoori chutney is also known as curd/dahi chutney as even y...

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tandoori chutney

9. Pinwheel Samosa Recipe | Aloo Bhakarwadi

What is pinwheel samosa? Samosa is a very popular snack in India. A delicious potato stuffing, stuffed in a sheet of all-purpose flour and is deep fried. Samosas have a typical shape. Pinwheel samosas have all of these characteristics exce...

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10. Mini Pizza Recipe | Easy Pizza Recipe | How to Make Mini Pizza

What is Mini Pizza Recipe? Mini Pizza is a small and cute pizza. Mini Pizza Recipe makes a great party starter. This recipe is a very basic recipe where no veggies have been used as that makes it very filling. The mini pizzas have a super crunchy base topped with melting cheese makes it ...

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