Poori recipes

Poori recipes

Poori recipes

Poori is deep fried flat bread which is very popular in Indian households. On every special occasion, festival, parties etc poori is prepared and served. Poori has some nice vibes, which completes the meal of every celebration. Poori are crowd pleaser, from kids to adults everyone relishes them. It can be served for breakfast, lunch or dinner with most of the Indian gravies, kheer, halwa, raita, pickles, chutney etc. Here is a collection of poori recipes for every occasion for every accompaniment.

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1. Achari Masala Poori Recipe | Masala Puri

What is Achaari Poori? Poori and achaar is a very common combination. Especially during travels, both are packed and relished on the journey. However, when the flavors of achaar are infused in the poori it becomes a very palatable dee...

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Achari Masala Poori

2. Kesar Poori | Kesar Poori Recipe | How to make Kesar poori

What is Kesar Poori? Kesar Poori is whole wheat deep fried bread which has an unexplored flavour of saffron and gorgeous color. Kesar poori can be served with Indian gravies such as Matar paneer, butter paneer masala, and others. Kesar poori is an elite poori which I make for festivals or ...

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kesar poori

3. Lauki Poori | Poori Recipe | Bottle Gourd Recipe | How to make Lauki ki Poori

What is Lauki Poori? Poori is a deep fried Indian flat bread flavored with spices like carom seeds etc. This is a healthy recipe of poori as it includes bottle gourd i.e. lauki which not only add nutrients to the pooris but also add flavour and texture. Lauki poori, like any poori, can be ...

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Lauki poori

4. Poori Recipe | How to make Poori | Tips for Perfect Puffed Poori (Puri)

What is Poori? Poori is a deep fried Indian flatten bread recipe made with whole wheat flour. A perfect poori is puffed, soft, moist and beautifully golden. A very versatile bread that can be paired with gravies such as aloo chhole or...

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5. Dal Poori Recipe | How to Make Dal Poori | Dal Poori

What is Dal Poori ? A puffed up poori with a crunchy exterior and melt in mouth interior is dal poori. It is flavourful. But what makes it distinct is its texture. Powdered dal is added while preparing the dough for dal poori and it gives an awesome texture to the pooris and also ensures t...

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Dal Poori

6. Meal Idea | Poori and aloo ki sabzi

Poori, deep fried Indian flatbread that is loved by one and all! Aloo, potato-based gravy or side dish, the best better half of poori, (best better, anyways!). We all love to make poori with aloo. Here I am sharing a very interesting combination of achaari poori and dahi wali aloo. Achaari poor b...

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Meal Idea

7. Kuttu ki Poori | Buckwheat Flour Puri

What is Kuttu Ki Poori? Kuttu is buckwheat flour. It is consumed during fasts. Kuttu ki Poori is a deep-fried flatbread using buckwheat flour. During fasts, kuttu ki poori is the best option with aloo ki sabji. The recipe for kuttu ...

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8. Masala Poori Recipe | How to Make Masala Poori

What is Masala Poori? A very flavorful poori with the hint of various spices such as carom seeds, fenugreek leaves, fennel seeds and many more is Masala Poori. It makes a great breakfast option as it can be served with any achaar or s...

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Masala Poori Recipe

9. Leftover Dal Poori Recipe | How to Make Dal Poori | Recipe Leftover Dal

what is Leftover Dal Poori Recipe? Dal poori is a soft and moist poori flavoured with some cumin seeds and coriander. This particular recipe uses cooked dal. So the pooris have the goodness as well as the flavour of lentils. I have prepared Dal Poori Recipe with leftover moong dal. You ...

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10. Bathua Poori Recipe | How to Make Bathua Poori | Recipes With Bathua

Bathua Poori Recipe Bathua Poori Recipe is a puffed Indian bread with a healthy and pretty add on ingredient – Bathua. Bathua not only adds nice flavors to the regular poori but also gives it a nice texture. And the hint of green in the pooris is so inviting. I have kept the simple ...

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